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Marathon Running Accessories

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The tech and accessories in this collection will really help support and enhance your performance and recovery through the course of marathon training and on race day. Starting with tech, a Garmin GPS running watch will not only help you maintain motivation and monitor your progress, but also give you access to invaluable training and recovery insights. The watches in our range do all the basics, such as tracking pace, distance, time and calories burned, but they also take the guesswork out of training, with smart features such as Garmin Coach dynamic training plans and Training Status. If you enjoy listening to music while you run, do so safely with Shokz open-ear running headphones that let the outside in. These wireless headphones can be paired with any Garmin music watch for non-stop tunes on the run. Having the right running belt or waistpack will make long runs a lot more enjoyable because you will not waste energy holding on to something or be irritated by a poorly fitting belt bouncing around. Compression accessories and recovery products will help to speed up muscle recovery and keep niggles at bay. While nutrition will help fuel the body with the carbohydrate and protein it needs to perform and recover at its best. We stock a wide range of nutrition options from energy gels and bars, to drinks and energy sweets. It’s best to try out different types and brands to know what best works for you and your stomach.


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