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ONE GORE-TEX Active Run Jacket – Review

The waterproof of all waterproofs?

There was a lot of hGore One Active Run Jacketype surrounding the new release of the One Gore-Tex Active Run Jacket. There was so much buzz about it that I was actually wondering how it could possibly live up to its reputation.

I’d heard the words revolutionary, lightest, breathable, waterproof, windproof and comfortable thrown around and assumed it couldn’t possibly be all of these things. But I was in fact proven wrong: the One GTX Active Run Jacket surpassed all of my expectations.

I hate to admit it, but the first thing about the jacket that impressed me was how seriously cool it looked! (We trail runners are sometimes guilty of owning one too many luminous items of kit).

The matt black design gives it an unexpected edge as a piece of trail running kit.

The Technical Stuff

Trying it on, the jacket really lived up to the promise of being lightweight: it almost felt l
ike I wasn’t wearing a jacket at all.

Out on the trails, its qualities far beyond being lightweight became apparent. When I’m powering up hills, a lot of jackets I’ve had in the past begin to resemble a sauna, keeping the rain off but keeping the sweat in.

Gore One Active Run JacketThe One GTX Active Run Jacket seems to have conquered the issue of creating a running jacket which is both completely waterproof and breathableTrailside, this means being able to keep up the pace I want in the
pouring rain without overheating.

Also in its favour is its ability not to absorb any water, meaning that it stays lightweight in the rain. As soon as the rain stops, the jacket is totally dry with a couple of shakes, ready to pack up and run on.

Beyond all of the techy stuff, it’s a really comfortable piece of clothing: as it’s not restrictive or heavy, I almost immediately forgot I was wearing it at all.

The Verdict

 I have definitely found the trail running jacket I have been searching for. It’s hard to believe I’m actually looking forward to a wet and windy autumn trail running season, thanks to one revolutionary piece of kit.


What makes it unique? The material’s permanent water beading surface eliminates the need for a face fabric, which makes it the lightest and most breathable GORE-TEX® product to date

Buy it for? It guarantees to keep you comfortable, dry and fast on your feet, no matter what the weather or how intense the workout.

Price: £230


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