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Finlay McAndrew  •  Running Gear •  17.06.2024 •  5 min read

Nike Pegasus 41 Running Shoes Review

If you run, theres a good chance youve heard about the Nike Pegasus running shoes. Over the past four decades, the Pegasus has established itself as a dependable workhorse among runners worldwide. One of the reasons the Pegasus have been around for so long is because they adapt with the times. The DNA of the Pegasus stays the same, but the technology moves forward. It’s safe to say that the Nike Pegasus 41 running shoes are the most advanced version to date - but they’ll continue to serve Pegasus fans.

Nike Pegasus 41 versus Nike Pegasus 40

The main change to the Pegasus 41 running shoes is the introduction of full-length Nike ReactX foam. While this foam helps reduce Nike’s carbon footprint, the main benefit is the increase in energy return. In comparison to the previously used React foam, ReactX foam delivers 13% more energy return.

Men's Nike Pegasus 41 running shoe in White/Black-Dusty Cactus-Glacier Blue colourway

We can probably all agree that the updated midsole silhouette looks absolutely amazing. Nike hasn’t detailed as to whether or not this new styling has a functional benefit. 

The feedback from everyday runners heavily influenced the updates to the Nike Pegasus 41 upper. The changes are all focused on making the upper more comfortable. It’s stated the engineered mesh is now lighter and more breathable. The updated Dynamic Midfoot Fit system ties the lacing to an internal midfoot band - which encapsulates the foot and improves support.

What’s not changed?

The trademark sensation you experience in the Pegasus running shoes is largely down to Nike’s proprietary Air Zoom units. Like the previous version, the Pegasus 41 features one in the forefoot, and one in the heel. The sole purpose of these Air Zoom units is to increase energy return. The Nike Pegasus Premium, which launches in spring 2025, demonstrates the potential of this technology.

Three runners running around street corner

What are the Nike Pegasus 41 best suited to?

As mentioned earlier, the DNA of the Pegasus running shoes stays the same. They should offer a protective, yet even more responsive underfoot feel. This is likely to feel best during steadier-paced runs. Although, the Pegasus are more than cushioned enough for your easy runs too.

The only note of caution is that a softer midsole is likely to slow down the speed of pronation more effectively; thus reducing the load on your working muscles. For example, the Nike Invincible 3 running shoes should make your easy runs feel easier to a greater degree than the Pegasus will. 

Having said that, some runners simply don’t like running in higher-stacked softer feeling running shoes - irrespective of whether they’re running slow or steady. The Pegasus offers a more ‘traditional’ underfoot experience, as the midsole doesn’t feel overly thick. They are perfect daily mileage running shoes for runners who enjoy a more connected experience.

Three runners standing in group on street corner chatting

You can of course use the Pegasus for some brisker paced runs too. For example, they should be responsive enough for some light tempo running and some fartlek or stride-based sessions. Obviously, a plated option with a more energetic foam - such as the Nike Zoom Fly running Shoes - will feel best for the high-intensity sessions.

How do they fit?

The fit of the Nike Pegasus 41 running shoes is very impressive. To start, the midfoot feels amazing. This is because it hugs your arch and feels both comfortable and supportive. Next, the forefoot is just right, it’s not too wide and not too tight. As everyone’s feet are different, no running shoe can work for everyone, but the Pegasus should suit a very broad range of foot shapes.

For clarity, we recommend choosing your normal running shoes size in the Nike Pegasus 41 running shoes.


The progression in technology in running shoes over recent years has been quite staggering. One of the main outcomes of this movement is softer feeling, higher-stacked midsoles. However, softer and higher is not always better.

Women's Nike Pegasus 41 running shoes in Summit White/Chrome-Bright Crimson colourway

The Nike Pegasus 41 have advanced, but in a way maintains the spirit of these workhorse running shoes. They continue to deliver a responsive, cushioned ride that serves the everyday runner. It’s fair to say these are one of the best looking Pegasus running shoes ever made.

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